Do you have a difficult time keeping your home picked up while caring for a baby or young children? If so, this post is for you! I’m going to give you 3 helpful tips for keeping your home continuously organized.

Tip #1 – Downsize

It is amazing how many items a family accumulates from having just one small baby. You can easily end up with 50 items or more. Sure, you are entering a totally new phase of life, and there’s a reason we have baby showers, because there are a lot of essentials, but many of the items that are available, we could live without. You will eventually figure out exactly what your essentials are, and once you do, consider giving those other items away or selling them. As babies, toddlers, and children grow up, they out grow their toys. Every few months, if you notice there are certain toys that are continually not being played with, give them away, sell them, or store a few for your future children or even grandchildren. I used to worry about getting rid of things because I wondered about what we would do for future children, but I’ve found that in every season we always have everything that we need. Drowning in stuff is not a great way to live in the present, so if you don’t need it now, let it go.

Tip#2 – Toy Rotation

Once you have gotten rid of all the extra stuff that you do not use on a regular basis, and are feeling much less cluttered, consider doing a toy rotation. This is a really great way to keep your kiddos interested in their toys for a long time. Basically, choose about 1/3 of all their toys to leave out in your child’s room or playroom and store the other 2/3 in a closet. Children often get overwhelmed if they have too many options, and they end up dumping everything out everywhere and not really playing or engaging with anything. Sound familiar? Leave 3-5 toys out at a time in each room, and this will help them play. The other part to this is that after a few weeks of engaging with the same toys, you can then rotate out the “new” toys stored in the closet and put away the “old” toys. You can rotate everything all at once or just choose a few of the less played with toys to store. The options are endless, but the idea is the same. The amazing thing is watching your child get so excited over a toy that they have not seen in a few weeks. It’s like Christmas morning and to them it really is new!

Tip#3 – Tidy Up

After completing tips one and two, you will find this tip to be considerably easy. I have two toddlers, and I always engage them in this process. If I see that they are done playing with a toy and they want to play with something else, I ask them to first clean up what they were playing with before moving on to something else. I don’t expect them to do this alone, I help them clean it up and I sing the “Clean Up” song from Barney. By being an example and by singing the same song, this cues them to help. They don’t whine or complain, it’s part of their routine and they enjoying singing and cleaning up with me. It also doesn’t take a long time to do because there aren’t a ton of toys everywhere. Now sometimes I will let them keep several sets out if they are playing back and forth between toys, but if they want to leave the current room to go play in another, then I always initiate that we clean up before we move to another room to play.

Committing to these three tips will really cut down on your cleaning time, it will help keep your spaces organized and uncluttered, and you will have more freedom and time to do other important things. Plus, your children will be happy and content with what they have, you won’t feel like you need to constantly buy them new toys because they seem bored, and they will be learning by your example how to keep a tidy home. This is a win, win, win!

Have you tried these tips? What other tips do you have that help keep your home picked up and organized with children? Comment below!

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