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  • Simcha

Getting the most out of summer

Happy August! This is the part of summer when I’m desperately trying to soak up the last of the season before fall comes. You know the feeling, right?

There’s so much going on — work, family schedules, household projects, and weekend trips — but you want time to just slow down and enjoy the sunshine, too. And maybe fit in one more outing to the lake, or a quick trip to the coast!

But the trouble is, you’re also trying to eat well and take care of yourself and your family amidst all the chaos! Kitchen organization is one of my biggest passions because I know how hard it is to maintain healthy habits with a busy life and a chaotic kitchen.

Kitchen systems are the answer! Because summertime means a lot of on-the-go snacks, here are my tips for setting up grab-and-go snack stations in the fridge and pantry.

Use clear containers so you can see what’s inside.   Prepare fresh snacks by pre-washing grapes, berries, cherry tomatoes, and other favorites. Keep them in small containers to take with you.   Make small batches of trail mix with your favorite nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Contain them in individual servings so they’re easy to grab.  Keep your unopened snacks separate from your open ones in the pantry so someone doesn’t come along and open another package before the first one is empty. No one wants stale crackers!

These are just a few examples of what I love to set up for you to keep your kitchen running smoothly. I’d love to help you get your kitchen in order and support your busy life. A client of mine recently sent me this message:

How is your kitchen feeling right now? Comment below or give me a call to learn how quickly we can transform your kitchen so you can maximize the rest of the summer.




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