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  • Simcha

How to streamline your closet between seasons

Growing up in Israel, I lived near the Sea of Galilee and loved this time of year. Everywhere we went, there were endless fields of flowers and green grass, cattle grazing nearby, and people enjoying the outdoors. But summer comes quickly in Israel, and it soon gets very hot, dry, and brown.

I’ve lived in the States for 29 years and the seasons are a lot different here in New Jersey. Wherever I am in April, I love the feeling of seasons changing — the birds are chirping, more sunlight streams into my windows, and little buds and blooms are beginning to show.

But lately, in the morning, I’ll go to my closet and I can’t find what I want to wear. My thick sweaters are too bulky and warm, and I certainly don’t need my parka or boots!

Do you feel like this, too? Whenever the seasons shift, it gets even harder to organize your closet.



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