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  • Simcha

The Domino Effect for Your Life and Home

Happy New Year!

Even if you aren’t someone who sets New Year’s Resolutions, there’s something about restarting the calendar that inspires us to set goals or intentions. We’re full of optimism and are feeling ready for change.

But, I’d like to ask you — what are your goals for your home this year?

Our environment impacts everything else in our lives. Things like:

  • Health and wellness

  • Fitness and strength

  • Personal relationships

  • Mood and motivation

  • Mental health, stress, and anxiety

If you’re setting goals this year, I recommend you start with your home.


Years ago, when I was just starting my business, I met a wonderful family with young children. They were so overwhelmed at home and didn’t know where to begin.

It wasn’t just the stuff that was causing problems. The lack of organization negatively impacted every part of their lives because there was no consistency in the home. Before Joyful Nest, their marriage was strained because of fights over clutter and disorganization. 

And every night, it was a challenge to get their children to bed. 

Things were constantly getting lost and there was barely time to make a healthy meal.

You could feel the stress and chaos in the home. Little by little, we chipped away at the clutter. But we also began setting up systems and routines to make life easier. After Joyful Nest, everyone knew where things belonged, and what was expected of them — which meant their marriage improved.

With a bedtime routine and an organized bathroom, the kids began getting to bed on time and without a struggle. Everything was much more peaceful! And the husband (who had been a skeptic at first!) thanked me so much in the end. He had no idea how much it would impact their lives beyond the physical space.


I’ve seen this time and time again. When we get our homes in order, it changes so much else in our lives. It’s the ultimate domino effect and I share this story with you so you know what’s possible when you start the chain reaction of getting organized.

In 2024, I want to help you love your home and the life you live in it. Send me a message or call me today to discuss the goals you have for your home this year.

Let’s create your Joyful Nest — together!



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