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What are you giving yourself this season?

Chanukah came early this year and though the conflict in my home country weighs heavy on my heart, I’m trying to focus on the joy of this holiday season.


Because — when things get dark, we need to let the light in. 


Chanukah is a time to gather. As the kids were growing up, we would come together around the menorah each night to light the next candle. Now that they’re older, we meet each night as well, in person or on FaceTime.


In our family, we have a collection of menorahs — one my son made in kindergarten, an olive oil burning one like the old days, and several others that are meaningful to us. I like to display them throughout the year, but we put them in the front window and light them during the magic of the holiday.


When we moved into our home, 25 years ago, we discovered a beautiful electric menorah that the previous owner had left behind in the basement. Everything else in the house was removed, so it was a delightful surprise. I like to think that the owner, 92 at the time, left that special gift just for us, and we love lighting it in her memory every Chanukah as well.

Most people think a professional organizer will make you get rid of all your stuff, but truly, we just love helping you make space for the things that genuinely mean something in your life.


A past client of mine had an enormous amount of Christmas decorations. So much that she could barely find space to store them all. Over time, I worked with her to sift through what she treasured and let go of the rest. She was hesitant at first, but she LOVED the result and said she was able to enjoy the decor so much more because they were things she especially loved.


That’s the feeling I want to share with you! The feeling of enjoying your home because you’re surrounded by the things you love.


As you consider everyone else on your list this year, I want to extend a special offer that would allow you to gift yourself something special — time, space, and peace of mind!

How to Set Up a Drop Zone in Your House:  Think about the items you frequently need when you leave the house and the items that usually get dropped by the door or on the counter when your family gets home. Things like keys, wallet, phone, shoes, coat, water bottle, backpacks, homework or papers, etc. Choose a spot near the door you use most often and assess the amount of space you have available when setting up your zone. Decide on categories for your zone. Multiple family members? A section for each person is ideal. Use shelves, cubbies, hooks, or whatever your space allows to assign a home for each item listed in the first step. Examples: a hook for backpacks, a shoe rack, a tray for keys, etc. If your kids bring home papers from school, set up a folder for each child and help them get in the habit of placing papers that need your attention inside. If the folders don’t fit in your Drop Zone, they can go somewhere else instead. This folder should frequently get emptied because they are papers that need action (permission slips, flyers, etc.). When you get home in the evening, place everything where it belongs so you’ll know where to find it again in the morning.

I know this is a busy time of year, so simply send me a message and tell me you’d like me to save your spot!


I’m wishing you and your family a joyful, bright, and happy holiday season!


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