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  • Simcha

Easy tip to feel better about your home — quickly!

When I work with people for the first time, they’re almost always embarrassed to bring me into their homes. 

They’re nervous to show me the cluttered spaces that overwhelm them. Spaces like… 

  • their kitchen counters that are covered in paperwork and stuff.

  • their pantries that are overflowing with snack packages and boxes.

  • the closets that are jammed full of linens, crafts, memorabilia, holiday decor, and everything else.

Almost all of them aren’t sure where to get started because there are so many spaces in their home to choose from. They tell me they’ve tried getting organized before, but that it just never gets done — and sometimes, it feels like a bigger mess than before they began. 

If this sounds familiar, I want to reassure you that I am truly here to help and I don’t judge you or your home! It’s natural to feel a little hesitant when getting started, but don’t let that stop you from loving your home and the life you live in it!

Last month, we talked about goals and how when we get the home in order, so many other things fall into place. I’ve seen so many clients begin eating healthier, moving more, and finding time for what matters most, like family and friends — all because they started to get their homes and minds organized.

When you’re surroundings are in order, your life naturally becomes more orderly, too.

But because we can’t always stop what we’re doing and begin a huge home overhaul, I have a quick tip for you today to help you begin feeling that momentum NOW.

When we’re working with clients, we always offer to haul away their donation pile — as much as will fit in my van! Recently, we filled it so full that not a single extra thing would fit. Imagine that much stuff — gone from your home in one afternoon!

Organizing has to happen at the right time, so just know that I’m here to help when you’re ready.

In the meantime, please follow me on Instagram to continue getting more tips and inspiration. You really can have a Joyful Nest! It just takes a little time to get there.



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