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A simple trick to reduce chaos

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Can you believe it’s already the middle of May? Summer is nearly here! And you know what that means — more time outside. I love the summer months when you hear the lawnmowers in the distance, the smell of dinner on the grill, and the sight of your neighbors as we all enjoy the extra sunshine. But it also means… you have yard, garden, and garage organizing to think about.


This month I’ve been thinking about busy families and how hard it can be to keep up with the house. Do you have a room at home that becomes the dumping spot for random things? You know the one — the room where you…

  • Drop the extra laundry you haven’t folded yet

  • Stow the kids' old toys that you’ve been meaning to donate (Quick! Before they change their mind!)

  • Stack the returns you haven’t gotten around to because life is just busy

You’re not alone if you have a room like this! The bedroom often becomes the place where so many odd things collect, so if that’s true in your home, here’s my tip to help reduce the chaos: Put things in their designated place. I know this seems so simple, but it does wonders! Instead of dropping the kids' laundry off in your room, walk a little further and put it in their room. Returns? Put them in the car to remind you to drop them off. Charging cords? Place them in a drawer or basket. Sometimes, the problem is that an object may not have a place to belong (and that’s where I can help you!🙋🏻‍♀️) so you’ll need to establish a place for everything and everything in its place.

✨BONUS TIP✨  Since we’re talking about laundry, here’s a tip for the infamous missing sock situation. Instead of trying to match socks after they’ve been washed, put a dedicated washable mesh bag with each family member’s hamper (in a different color for each person if possible!) and have them place dirty socks inside. Drop the whole bag into the washer and dryer — and you’ll magically have matching socks every time!



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