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Noticing the Beauty Around You

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Israel to visit my mother.


Before I left, when I would mention this to clients or friends, they would kindly say, “Oh my goodness, do you feel safe going?” 


I understood their concern, but I always reassured them because I 100% felt safe traveling there.

You see, growing up in such a beautiful country that is no stranger to conflict, I’ve learned over many years that even during tragic times you have no other choice than to keep living your life.


The area where I grew up, and where my mother still lives, is in Northern Israel — further away from the current conflict.


Spring is a beautiful time of year in the area. The water from the Jordan River flows into the Sea of Galilee after spring rains and the rolling fields of green are covered with bursts of color from wildflowers.

And though utter chaos may be underway further south, we were always able to focus on the positive things around us in our community. My mother, brother, and husband’s family all still live in the area and you simply learn to carry on with life.


In a way, this is what I love to help my clients do in their homes. While they see chaos and overwhelm, I love to show them ways to bring in beauty and focus on the positive. We simply move forward one step at a time.


Instead of being completely frustrated by your home, begin to notice the things that are working or the bits of beauty that already surround you.


This is how we can shift our mindset and begin creating a truly Joyful Nest.

What do you think? Will you add a houseplant or two to your space? Comment and tell me — plus, let me know if you have any questions about plants because I love to help!

Let’s continue creating your Joyful Nest together! 


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