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  • Simcha

The Ultimate Form of Self-Care

Do you know the feeling when everything in life seems to happen at once? Even when they’re good things, you find yourself so busy that it’s hard to keep up. 


And when busy times like this occur, the first thing to slip is often taking good care of ourselves.

Toward mid-March, I had a busy period like this in my life. After a ten-day trip to Israel to visit my mother, I came home and immediately started a big job for a celebrity client. She wanted everything done quickly, so we dove into full days with lots of strenuous work.


Around the same time, my son was getting married. The wedding was small and intimate but still required lots of prep, energy, and attention.


Despite my crazy work schedule, I hosted our new extended family brunch. Which happened to fall on a week when my cleaning lady was sick, so the support I usually have wasn’t available.


Even as a professional organizer, things slip when my schedule is this busy, and it’s hard to keep up! But as things began to settle down, I finally had time to put everything back together at home.


And you know what? It went so smoothly because all the items in my home have a place where they belong. Even though things felt busier than usual, it could have been so much worse without my organizational systems in place.


That feeling is what I wish for you! Because life will always get busy. You’ll always have a trip to come home from or a family event to plan for, so it’s important to have a place to restore yourself—your Joyful Nest!

April 5th was National Self-Care Day, which got me thinking about you. I hope you understand how organization is a form of self-care because it gives you peace of mind where you need it most — at home.


We often think of self-care as a trip to the day spa for a massage or pedicure, but how long does that feeling last?

The ultimate form of self-care is getting your life and home in order — and it lasts much longer than a facial! 

Does your home feel like a place to recharge? Or is it draining you instead? Imagine your home as an uplifting space that supports and restores you.


Remember, I’m here to help and will never judge your space. When you’re ready to prioritize yourself and your space, give me a call, and we can talk about how it all works.



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