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How to make your mornings run smoothly

Even without kids in the house, September is a busy time of year. My kids are grown, but because of our Jewish holidays, we’re constantly planning for special meals, company, and festivities. It’s a lovely time filled with family traditions but it can definitely be hectic, too.

How do you feel at home right now? When you leave in the morning, do you ever scramble to find your keys, phone, and other essentials — only to get in the car and have to run back in for the coffee you forgot on the counter? Back-to-school season is a great time to get yourself set up for success, whether you have kids or not. Imagine getting out the door and feeling on top of everything!

But how do you get there? You create a Drop Zone!

How to Set Up a Drop Zone in Your House:  Think about the items you frequently need when you leave the house and the items that usually get dropped by the door or on the counter when your family gets home. Things like keys, wallet, phone, shoes, coat, water bottle, backpacks, homework or papers, etc. Choose a spot near the door you use most often and assess the amount of space you have available when setting up your zone. Decide on categories for your zone. Multiple family members? A section for each person is ideal. Use shelves, cubbies, hooks, or whatever your space allows to assign a home for each item listed in the first step. Examples: a hook for backpacks, a shoe rack, a tray for keys, etc. If your kids bring home papers from school, set up a folder for each child and help them get in the habit of placing papers that need your attention inside. If the folders don’t fit in your Drop Zone, they can go somewhere else instead. This folder should frequently get emptied because they are papers that need action (permission slips, flyers, etc.). When you get home in the evening, place everything where it belongs so you’ll know where to find it again in the morning.


✨ News Alert! Podcast Interview ✨

If you’d like to hear me share more organizing tips like this, listen to this episode of the Aim4U Ladies Podcast with Sophia Tuckett. I had so much fun talking with Sophia and offering my favorite ideas to help you around the home.


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