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Let’s Tame the Chaos: Get your kitchen in order for the holidays!

Does any of this sound familiar as we head into the week of Thanksgiving?

You’re hosting a houseful of family and friends for the big day and there’s lots to prepare. A few people are bringing dishes to contribute, but you know your kitchen will feel chaotic as you cook the turkey, time it just right, juggle all the side dishes, perfect the gravy, and miraculously get everything on the table at the same time for the group to enjoy the meal together. It’s a lot of hard work but it feels worth it as you share a beautiful meal with loved ones.

But then…it’s time to clean up.

And all those wonderful people graciously offer to help clean the kitchen. Though you desperately need the support, you’re so embarrassed as they begin opening cupboards, looking for Tupperware, Ziplocs, and foil.

You’d rather do all the cleanup alone than have everyone see the big jumble of stuff behind those cupboard doors!


If you’ve ever felt that way in your kitchen, don’t worry! I’ve worked with so many people who’ve felt just like this and there really is another way.

Before the big day arrives, try this quick tip to help calm your kitchen and create more space.

How to Set Up a Drop Zone in Your House:  Think about the items you frequently need when you leave the house and the items that usually get dropped by the door or on the counter when your family gets home. Things like keys, wallet, phone, shoes, coat, water bottle, backpacks, homework or papers, etc. Choose a spot near the door you use most often and assess the amount of space you have available when setting up your zone. Decide on categories for your zone. Multiple family members? A section for each person is ideal. Use shelves, cubbies, hooks, or whatever your space allows to assign a home for each item listed in the first step. Examples: a hook for backpacks, a shoe rack, a tray for keys, etc. If your kids bring home papers from school, set up a folder for each child and help them get in the habit of placing papers that need your attention inside. If the folders don’t fit in your Drop Zone, they can go somewhere else instead. This folder should frequently get emptied because they are papers that need action (permission slips, flyers, etc.). When you get home in the evening, place everything where it belongs so you’ll know where to find it again in the morning.

If you’re ready to create extra space in your kitchen, I still have a few spots open before Thanksgiving and would love to work with you.

Send me a message or give me a call if you’re ready to feel proud of your kitchen this holiday season!


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