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NOW is the best time to get organized - tips for garage organization

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Here’s to backyard BBQs and summer fun! ☀️

Last month, I asked what topic you’d like to hear about for summer organizing. And not surprisingly, you said garages!

A garage is a blessing and a curse because it’s such a nice space to have, but we often say things like, “Just put it in the garage.” Suddenly, we’re faced with a mountain of clutter that grew over time!

Don’t worry if your garage is like that. I’m here to help, not to judge! We all have spaces we need to work on, so if your garage is feeling overwhelming, NOW is the time to get it organized once and for all!

Here are my three favorite tips for getting your garage in order:   1. Use the vertical space. What do I mean? Go up! Use the walls to hang things, get tall shelving so you can put things up high, and hang bikes and other large items when you can. (Bonus Tip: Don’t use big ceiling hanger racks — items stored there are never seen again!)   2. Keep things together by category. Do you ever drop things off in your garage because you’re in a hurry? And then things quickly get all jumbled up?  That’s why grouping things together by categories like garden tools, outdoor tools, kids' yard toys, sports equipment, etc. is helpful. You’ll know where to put things!   3. Use open shelving. So often, we don’t know how much we have because we can’t see it! Inside the home, it’s nice to use closed shelving for a nice appearance. But in your garage, it’s helpful to see what you have so you know how to find the categories you created in the last tip!

Organizing a garage is no easy task! But I LOVE helping you because it’s a space that becomes such a big block for families — especially in summer.

  • Have you been telling yourself that you’ll get the garage organized for a long time?

  • Do you hate opening the garage door because your neighbors might see the chaos inside?

  • Do you have friends that have never seen the inside of your garage because you’re embarrassed?

I’m the friend you can invite inside to see your garage! I’ve seen so many spaces over the years, you can’t shock me. It’s time to get your garage organized once and for all — you’ll feel so much better! Just like this client of mine did after we worked together:

Before and after pictures of a garage organization project.

Call me today for your free consultation! I’m truly here to help because I want you to love your home and the life you live in it.


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