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Try these tips to keep produce fresh longer

Summer is such a fun time for me. I love getting outside more, but I also love all the fresh produce. We eat a lot of fruit and vegetables at our house because health and wellness is a passion of mine that developed as my kids got older. But it wasn’t always this way!

As I improved our family's eating habits, I began to notice more and more food waste because of how quickly the perishable food went bad.

Do you ever notice that? You go to the store or farmer’s market, excited to get all the fresh summer foods, only to find yourself tossing so much because they go bad before you can eat them all.

I like to group things into categories so they’re easy to find. For example, I keep veggies for cooking together and then place grab+go snack containers toward the front of the fridge.

Did you know that organization can help you eat healthier? In 2017, I became a certified integrative nutrition health coach and I love using my skills to help you get organized and healthy.

If you ever struggle with eating well but want to focus more on your health, I can help you set up systems and design your kitchen to make healthy living easier for you and your family.

Curious about how it works? Send me a message or give me a call and I can tell you more about the process. And remember, I’m always here to help — never to judge!


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